Wikström, Chair of the Conference of Committee Chairs, encourages to set further steps in the implementation in the Better Law Making between the Parliament, Commission and Council

Press release from MEP Cecilia Wikström

Cecilia Wikström, Chair of the Conference of Committee Chairs (CCC), has been entrusted by President Tajani to represent the European Parliament in the high-level inter-institutional team to assess the implementation of the better law-making agreement. Wikström can base her position on a political assessment made at the level of the CCC, based on the practical experiences committees have in implementing the agreement.

The first stock taking meeting took place on Tuesday 12 December with Commission First Vice President Timmermans and with Minister Masikaas representing the Council Presidency.

All participants have underlined the progress made in various areas, such as the register of delegated acts, officially launched on the occasion of the meeting, allowing everybody to follow delegated acts from their preparation until their adoption.

Whilst acknowledging the efforts from all sides to improve the legislative process, Wikström underlined that a better exchange of information between the institutions could still be achieved under the agreement. She also issued a call on Member States to communicate how EU legislation is transposed at national level and whether elements have been added on top (“gold-plating”) by Member States.

Wikström also expressed Parliament’s wish for access to information on the negotiation of international agreements, allowing for democratic scrutiny and the need for a proper impact assessment before a legislative proposal is submitted, allowing for an informed choice.

“The citizen wants the EU to deliver. This is a shared responsibility for Parliament, Commission and Council alike. We need to be transparent and able to explain why and how legislation is made in the EU and who is responsible for what. Parliament plays a key role in shaping the EU legislation. Therefore, we want to convince the citizens that their vote in the next elections matters.”

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ALDE MEP Cecilia Wikström appointed as Chair of the European Parliament’s Conference of Committee Chairs

Today, Members chairing the European Parliament’s committees elected ALDE MEP Cecilia Wikström (Liberalerna, Sweden) as Chair of the Conference of Committee Chairs. In this position, she will coordinate the work of the committees and will ensure a smooth cooperation between them.

MEP Cecilia Wikström said today: “I am honoured by this appointment and look forward to co-ordinating and leading my colleagues in the Conference of Committee Chairs. My priority will be to streamline, improve and strengthen legislative work and the cooperation of the European Parliament with the Council of Ministers and the European Commission.”

“I am also looking forward to coordinating the work of the different committees  and their interventions before and during the Brexit negotiations. The committees of the European Parliament need to cooperate much better for the benefit of the European citizens.”

Note to editors

The Conference of Committee Chairs (CCC) consists of all standing and special committees. The Chair is elected for two and a half years.