Cultural engagements


Cecilia Wikström has repeatedly emphasised her cultural commitment during her time in the European Parliament.

Speak Truth to Power

The stories of over fifty human rights activists who risked their lives to fight for human rights, is the basis for the show Speak Truth to Power that Cecilia Wikström set up in the European Parliament in February 2014. The show was dedicated to Dawit Isaak, the EU’s only prisoner of conscience, imprisoned in Eritrea now for over 4500 days.

Apart from Wikström, starring actors such as Lena Olin, Dylan Bruno and Dennis Haysbert, and several colleagues, among them the European Parliament President Martin Schulz, the liberal group Guy Verhofstadt and the Green group leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit participated.

“Speak Truth to Power depicts people who even risked their lives to defend human rights. Their courage and desire to improve people’s lives urges and inspires us to take action”.

See the show on youtube here.


In December 2010, she staged the play Seven in Brussels, together with the Swedish National Theatre. Seven portrays seven female human rights activists’ life stories from different parts of the world. Cecilia Wikström playes Mu Sochua, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her fight against trafficking in Cambodia. Seven was performed by Cecilia Wikström and six of her colleagues from different countries and different groups in the European Parliament.

“I must continue until those who have no voice have one” (Mu Sochua in Seven)

The Vagina Monologues

In March 2011, Cecilia Wikström and eight of her female colleagues performed the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, in front of 500 spectators in the European Parliament in Brussels.

The cross party call was part of a campaign to raise public and EU decision makers’ awareness on the importance of ending violence against women and girls in Europe and around the world, affirming womens’ rights to choose her life, as well as to embrace her sexuality.

“Statistically every second women in Europe has been beaten, raped or sexually abused, usually by a man she knows. This has to stop! In 2013 we must require all womens’ right to live a safe and secure life all over Europe”, said Cecilia Wikström.


Cecilia Wikström has written two books – In 2004 she published När livet går sönder, (When life falls apart), a crisis management publication awarded “the book of the year in its genre” in 2004.

In 2005 she published I tillitens tecken, (In the signs of trust), which she wrote after having suffered a stroke that made her blind in one eye.

Literature Canon

In 2002, Cecilia Wikström was elected to the Swedish parliament. She was re-elected in 2006, representing the liberal party, Folkpartiet Liberalerna.

As a member of the Cultural Committee Cecilia Wikström put an initiative to establish a Swedish literature canon, where an expert team consisting of teachers, the Swedish National Agency for Education and the SwedishAcademy would choose the books to be included.